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The ability to experience high-quality yachting shouldn’t be limited to the able-bodied. We care about making our expedition yachts accessible – all our yachts can be made accessible by wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility, something we passionately care about.

Fog and Nature


Sustainability and a reduced environmental impact are also paramount in the philosophy of Archipelago Expedition Yachts. Aluminum has a lower environmental impact than traditional GRP, and has the added benefit of being able to be recycled at the end of the vessel’s life. We have also designed the boats from the start to be able to take electric, and hybrid diesel-electric drive systems. The large roof area allows for a huge solar array, generating enough power to run air-conditioning and domestic electrical systems at mid-latitudes.

Our shallow draft and silent running allows you to get closer to nature, without disturbing the surrounds or your experience.


Every Archipelago Expedition Yacht comes with accessibility designed and built in. We can fit a high-low platform at the stern and extra wide saloon doors to offer wheelchair users the ability to move around the saloon level with ease.

If you have particular accessibility needs, please contact us as we would love to discuss your needs and find a solution.

CH-287-05-008 Render 8.jpeg


With the optional fixing points and high-low platform, the wheelchair user can also helm the boat from the helmstation. A number of bespoke options can be included to make life even more comfortable for those less able.

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