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Launch day is finally here

Sep 9, 2022

The first Archipelago 47 takes to the water

On a cold, wet, September day in Cowes, England, the first Archipelago 47 rolled out of its construction shed, and to the launch site. The boat, which weighs 17 metric tonnes and is 14.5m x 6.5m was loaded onto the back of a low-loader lorry and very slowly moved to the quayside for launch. She was then lifted off the lorry and gently lowered into the river Medina where she was checked thoroughly for any issues. Pleasingly there were no leaks or issues and the only water in the boat was coming from the sky.

The Archipelago 47 was then towed to the Medina Yard pontoon where she will spend a few short days before her voyage over to Southampton for the Southampton International Boat Show, starting on 16th September.

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